It has never been more deadly and dangerous to be a young person growing up in our world. The statistics are staggering. Anxiety & depression, grief & loss, pornography & sex, addictions, eating disorders, trauma, bullying, cutting and crime are at all-time highs. Even youth obesity has grown to epidemic proportions.

We know that these challenges are not limited to one age group or demographic.

Restore has been working with schools, youth groups, and teens internationally and locally to bring the Journey to Freedom experience to high school students in need of hope. No reading, no book, just intentional discussion from the Journey to Freedom curriculum led by facilitators with a heart for helping the voiceless find their voice. We call these groups ‘Journey Groups.’ 


 “It was good to make everyone go around and answer in the whole group meetings. There were times I would not have said anything if we had not been going around with everyone answering.”
“This group was a safe place for me to get out of my comfort zone, and talk about stuff I wouldn't talk about even with my friends…”
 “It was helpful at the beginning to talk about the goal of knowing ourselves and the person God wants us to be when we are alone in our rooms. The group really pushed me towards getting authentic in front of people and pushed me to the edge to be true to myself.”


“After going through as a staff we knew that we had to invite our students into this incredible introspective journey. Once introduced, we saw students struggling with addictions, depression, and grief that created walls in their faith. Journey to Freedom helped us identify, analyze, and reflect on our feelings in a vulnerable, yet safe place.” -Brandon Van Pernis, Director of Youth Ministry, First Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN