As a ministry that found its roots in the YMCA, Restore Small Groups is committed to help the Y impact the lives of its members in Spirit, Mind, and Body! Right now there is a national movement to keep the “C” in YMCA, and several  Y’s around the U.S. and around the globe have adopted Restore Small Groups as a critical part of their mission.

YMCA’s encounter members on a daily basis who are struggling with challenges, both physically and emotionally.  Small Groups are often used as an enriching program or outreach for all members. We have also found great success with integrating small groups into existing programs of the YMCA, like the After Breast Cancer Program (ABC) at the YMCA of Middle Tennessee.


Partners Include: 

YMCA of Middle Tennessee, Nashville
YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties, Washington 
YMCA of Greater San Antonio, Texas
YMCA of Odessa, Ukraine
Perth and District YMCA, Scotland
Frank P. Phillips Memorial YMCA, Columbus, Mississippi
YMCA of Twin Cities, Minnesota
Kokomo Family YMCA, Indiana
Bellevue Family YMCA, Washington
Fishers YMCA, Indiana
Livonia YMCA, Michigan