Q: What are Restore Small Groups?
A: Small groups are a place for you to come into a healing community where you can find relief from your struggles in a group of 7-12 people. Restore Small Groups provide an opportunity to make changes to anything that causes dissatisfaction in your life. Participants address challenges related to their relationships, family dynamics, careers, food and body image issues, grief, anxiety, addiction, and much more.
Q: How do I know if a Restore Small Groups are right for me?
A: Is there any area of your life that you are wishing to change? Do you struggle with your relationships, finding meaning in your job, or finding yourself in situations you never wanted to be in? Are you having a general feeling that your life isn’t where you want it to be? The purpose of Restore Small Groups is to help you uncover what’s at the root of your issues and gently challenge the unhealthy patterns where you find yourself often stuck.
Q: How do I know if Restore Small Groups are right for my organization?
A: Small Groups build community by building intimate, supportive, life-changing relationships within your organization, whether it be a Church, YMCA, Non-Profit, School, or Prison. In our foundational small group curriculum, “Journey to Freedom” participants come out of isolation, and develop life-long relationships that will help them sustain change in areas of their life that have been unmanageable, sometimes struggling secretly for years. If you have members of your organization that would benefit from self-examination, intrinsic motivation, and developing trusting community to make changes in their life, Restore Small Groups would like to talk to you further about partnering.
Q: Are small-groups a Bible study?
A: Nope. Small groups are not Bible studies. The books we use as curriculum are written by a Christian author for anyone—Christians and non-Christians alike. He wrote “Journey to Freedom” when he was a Wellness Director for the YMCA of Middle Tennessee, in hopes that groups would be a safe place where all would feel welcome to come, share, and be met without judgment or agenda. The goal is for you to start a journey wherever you are, and the group will meet you there. In group the leaders are not “teachers” but rather “facilitators” who impartially propel the small-group forward—no advice or opinion will ever be given during the group.
Q: How do partnerships work?
A: Our goal is to spread Restore Small Groups wherever God calls us and equip other to use our curriculum and materials to bring hope and healing. When you or your organization becomes a partner with Restore Small Groups you are able to launch small groups in your organization, led by your staff, volunteers, or yourself. Restore Small Groups staff will train you to facilitate group in a very unique way that we have found to be transformative. To fully understand the process of becoming a partner, head over to the “Services” tab and read how to get started.
Q: How do I get more information?
A: If you would like to talk more about becoming a partner, please contact our office at or call 615-925-3375.