Journey to Freedom is an  eight-week course led by trained facilitators, offering a safe and encouraging place for participants to step out of contemplating change, and into real action. With honest dialogue directed towards laying a foundation for change, Journey to Freedom creates a common language so that all can share without fear of judgment. 

This foundational small group is at the heart of Restore Small Groups, and a perfect launching point for any partnership, or individual interested in the Small Groups program. 
  • Silence negative thoughts and begin to live in new possibilities
  • Find motivation through vision and passion, versus need and fear 
  • Redefine hope in areas of your life where you have become hopeless

Comments From Participants:

“I think I’ve known what I should do to be free for a while. Journey to Freedom gave me the focus, encouragement and relationships through which I would more consistently show up and make choices toward freedom.” -Aynsley
“The other people in group were so honest, that it allowed me to be vulnerable for the first time. I’m am not naturally inclined to share, but found it liberating in this group.” -Rick