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Over Restore’s 18-year history, the small group facilitators have been at the heart of group, moving the discussion forward, building relationships, and upholding the safety and security of the entire group process. When a small group is on a the journey together, there is great comfort in knowing a well-traveled facilitator is holding the map.

Below you will find links to apply for a variety of trainings. If you are new to our trainings, the starting place for everyone is the 'Intro to Mission & Facilitation' training. This 3-hour training will allow you to hear the full history of Restore Small Groups, including the biography of Scott Reall and the birth of Journey to Freedom. We will also guide you through your own personal discovery of your vocation and calling to become a facilitator. Together we will explore the qualities, skills, challenges, and rewards of becoming a "map-holder" on the most important Journey that many will make their entire lives. 

Thank you for your willingness, may you be blessed by it

Note: The registration deadline for all trainings is 5:00pm CST the day before each training.

Intro to Mission & Facilitator Application

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