If you are reading this, you are exploring the benefits and logistics of adding Restore Small Groups into your personal ministry work or organization.
 We are delighted you are considering adopting this life-changing small group process. Below you will find step-by-step instructions for becoming an official partner with us.

If you were to ask any one of us at Restore Small Groups what we talk about on any given day, we would tell you vision. It is central to all we do within the group process, and all we do within the organization.
Our vision statement is to follow God’s call to build healing communities around the world. Every day, God presents us with new opportunities and ideas for what this means. Each day, we learn more. Every day, we are discerning our next steps.
We invite you to catch that same vision with us: to move the world, one group at a time, one participant at a time, toward God’s ultimate purpose. 
Yet know that this work we set out to do is countercultural. “Success” in the group world cannot be defined by money, numbers, or a bottom-line. In the world, one life changed may seem insignificant. What we cannot possibly measure on paper is how many lives that one life touches; how that one person fits into the larger picture of God’s plan; how the world is made better by one person’s change. 
We are committed to equipping every person and organization that is called to create a healing community using the Restore Small Groups process. This information is to help you prayerfully consider the benefits, commitment, and steps necessary to implementation.


What does “partnership” mean?  What are the benefits?
Official partnership with Restore means signing a one-page agreement in which Restore agrees to support, train, and resource you and your organization for maximum group success. In return, you agree to respect the integrity of the program by following all the recommended best practices and process outlined by Restore, agreeing to be accountable for how the program is run. The benefits of partnership are a solid foundation of knowledge and resources for positive program outcomes. Plus, you will have unlimited access to the Restore team for advice and guidance.
Why is experiencing Journey to Freedom necessary for partnership (STEP 1)?
We recommend starting with experiencing our small group process for yourself so that you can fully understand the program. We offer online group experiences regularly. It is much like test-driving a car before purchasing it; just as it is difficult to be fully convinced of such an investment without experiencing it, it is difficult to be passionate about this small group work without having participated in it. Conversely, if you decide this is not the program for your organization, that will prevent moving any further along in the process than needed.


To register for an online group, click here.
For information about in-person groups around the U.S., click here.

What is the cost of the program?
The cost depends greatly on your hopes for the program. That is why “evaluate” is the second step to partnership. It is important to spend some time thinking about who will run the program and how. There are initial training costs, the partnership support fee, and book materials. We strive to keep costs low and will work with your organization on cost when needed. To see a breakdown of costs, download the Restore “Manifesto” here.
What trainings are needed to start the program?
The first step of becoming a partner is to experience our foundational 8-week group, Journey to Freedom. However, attending the group is not considered “training.” Group experience is meant to be a very personal encounter with the program and its impact. It is also a requirement for entering the training process.
Whoever is taking on the role as the “coordinator” of groups for your organization, meaning the person who will plan, organize, market, help facilitate, help recruit additional facilitators and generally oversee the groups, will need to attend all three of our trainings: Coordinator Training (4hrs), Intro to Mission and Facilitation (3hours), Journey to Freedom Curriculum Intensive (6hrs)
If you have people from your organization who come to experience group for the sake of becoming a group facilitator only, then they must attend Intro to Mission and Facilitation (3hours), and Journey to Freedom Curriculum Intensive (6hrs).


To register for Coordinator Training, click here.
For information about Facilitator Trainings, click here.

Can I just get trained as a group facilitator, buy the books, and start a group? Why become an official partner?
You can…but we sincerely ask that you do not. Why? We value the integrity of our name, our process, and the best experience for participants. Without partnership, you will be missing integral parts of education, knowledge, and guidance that you need to run this program well within your organization. Restore has over 20 years of group experience (both facilitating and coordinating) to share with you. We also offer marketing, planning, and administration guidance for program sustainability. Anytime we update or improve our resources, those will be available to you at no cost.

Group work is life-giving and meaningful work. The nature of Journey to Freedom and the Journey Series curricula is to bring people into a very vulnerable emotional space to work toward life change. It is very important to gather the skills needed to manage it well and make sure the experience is positive and safe for everyone. 
I have led small groups before. How are these groups different?
"Small groups" is a widely used term these days and can refer to many things. There can be small group book clubs, Bible Studies, home groups, or support groups. At Restore, we specialize in a small group process that creates a sacred sharing space. We have very specific ways of leading participants in the process and content of our groups. We are focused on individual life change and deep emotional connection. It is our goal to create space where participants can express their emotions, beliefs, values, experiences, and struggles without judgement. As a facilitator of group, you will encounter people’s deepest struggles and doubts and you will need to know how to respond productively. 
For all other information, please refer to our “Manifesto." 


Click here to download Restore's MANIFESTO, our comprehensive guide to help you understand who we are, what we do, and the steps to launching small groups in your community!

Want to schedule a free orientation to learn more?

Morgan Cady, our Writing and Administration Assistant, is ready to walk you through the Manifesto personally to explain Restore's history, purpose, and impact. Answering your questions and learning about your organization is a perfect place to start if you would like to learn more. Schedule an online orientation with Morgan by emailing her at or by calling 615-925-3375 ext. 3.