Heather Lefebvre, Director of Programming
cell: 270-792-0843
work: 615-925-3375
Email: heather@restoresmallgroups.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RestoreSmallGroups
Blog: https://restoreblog.org
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scottreall
Heather first learned about Restore small groups when she personally enrolled as a participant in “Journey to Freedom” on the suggestion of a fellow staff member at the YMCA. Seeking clarity and purpose in her ever-transitioning young-adult life, Heather found that with every group she did, another layer of introspection and “ah-hah” moments were revealed. Through the passionate pursuit of group, Heather knew she had uncovered the tools she would be using her entire life to embrace the women that God created.  Heather began volunteering and facilitating with Restore until she got the life-changing opportunity to join Scott and the staff in 2011 as a group coordinator for the YMCA. 

Heather now serves as the Director of Programming for Restore Small Groups, helping spread group principles and infrastructure to organizations of all kinds: YMCAs. churches, non-profits, correctional facilities, and youth.  This work includes developing curriculum, partnerships, and training opportunities for anyone wanting to commit deeper to spreading the hope and healing of Christ through small groups. Heather married her husband Steve in 2013. They live in Nashville, Tennessee with their two sons, Thomlin and Lovell, and their dog Lady.